Art is my passion' Says the multidisciplinary artist for more than 25 years. Priya Yabaluri is an artist who creates the masterpiece with her perspective and vision. Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye and the eye through the mind. Being an artist means you have the power to bring your imaginations and dreams to life. Artist Priya Yabaluri has perfectly channelled her inner artist to prove the above-mentioned lines true. Founder of the brand ‘Art for Awareness’, Priya Yabaluri writes and publishes art magazines, books and also conducts art shows. Being from a science background, Priya got insights into the logical and illusional aspects of making a painting. She considers nature to be her prime source of inspiration which drives her to excel in her craft. To her, being an artist means that one needs to think differently and develop an eye and a perspective that would make your creation beautiful in its own way. THE JOURNEY Priya completed her (B.Sc.) from DAV College and later in Interior designing (PGDID), JNAFAU from Hyderabad which gave her a different perspective. These experiences gave her the logic and the illusion to pursue painting. Nature is the primary resource for her creativity. Later She continued her diploma course in Fine Art and Design from Hyderabad as her Artistic career took off. In the last 25 years, she has participated in over 40 groups and solo Art shows in India and Abroad. She has exhibited in UK, Germany, Petersburg, Moscow, France, London, Paris, and Dubai and in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Guwahati, and Pune. But she has a will to explore more geographically and learn more about art and culture globally. Her latest works of art include a series “Preserve the Ocean". She wishes to create awareness of the need to preserve the ocean and about how much marine life is important to sustain life on earth. Her ventures and vision “Art For awareness” Foundation and publishing & “World Art Fair “, An international Art fair took many years to be established and become a path to a new artistic one-of-a-kind journey. We have been publishing Art related books for the last 5 years and continue to spread global awareness in all matters of life, it is like a research-based activity”. Says Priya.She has also collaborated with United Nations UN75 to conduct awareness programs by organizing Art Exhibitions to create Social, Ecological, global issues, and cultural awareness. Challenges “When the going gets tough, the tough get going", says Priya and explains how women entrepreneurs from across sectors sailed through the challenging COVID-19 times to make an impact. She has also conducted 3D Virtual Art exhibitions for Contemporary artists during the pandemic period and still holding various events to promote Artists by Publishing books and organizing Art events even in the challenging times. Talking about her vision, she says, " In the future, I want to create an art society which takes care of artistic needs and encourages new skills in the children of our country" Priya Yabaluri has been honoured with many National and Global awards in the year 2020-2021. She won the Artist excellence award 2021 by India Book of Records and Emerging entrepreneurs award by Global summit and Awards 2021.She Won the Yashasvi Excellence Award as Eminent Artist And start-up Entrepreneur2021.She was chosen and awarded the Prestigious International GTA -Global Talent Eminent Artist and Entrepreneur Award, Dubai 2021 from India representing Art and Culture from our Country.

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